Lamb of God Lutheran Church

Flower Mound, TX
Rev. Dr. Rance Settle

Senior Pastor

Stephanie Poyner

Director of Parish Music

Lamb of God Lutheran
Lamb of God Lutheran

“Church Organ Associates are some of the best professionals in the industry . Not only are they extremely knowledgeable in the area of organ building and design, but they bring excellence to organ installation and organ maintenance.  After the 2015 installation of our Allen-Sipe Hybrid Organ, our congregation has enjoyed congregational singing with exuberance and joy.  The organ works well with congregational singing and instrumentalists and also serves as a recital instrument for those in the Dallas-Ft. Worth community.  We continue to use the expertise of Church Organ Associates as we minister to our church and our community.”

– Stephanie Poynor

Director of Music & Organist